Supervillain is a creative duo, consisting of brothers Mimic and Lex Luthor. Though only established in 2014, both Mimic and Lex have been involved in creative projects for well over twenty years.

From growing up together in the seventies, eighties and nineties, their shared passions for, street art, graffiti, urban vinyl, underground art, stickers, skateboard graphics, music (hip hop, electronica, metal, indie etc), cartoons, comics, science fiction, horror, tattoos, custom culture and much more, meant that it was only a matter of time before the siblings joined forces… And Supervillain is their exciting new master plan.

“Both Mimic and I view Supervillain as the ‘umbrella project’ we’ve been meaning to start for years, but have been too busy with our own creative work to really commit to, so it’s great that we’ve finally gotten around to this” – Lex..

Supervillain is going to focus on the two artists’ very individual styles, as well as lots of more collaborative designs and ideas.

“We want to make our designs more accessible to everyone, so we’ll be looking at producing tshirts, prints, sticker packs, affordable artworks and loads more, which will all be available through our new online store.” – Mimic

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